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July 30th, 2006

11:48 am - The Official List...
In alphabetical order (don't look at me like that...it's how they list them on the application. :P)

-Albert Einstein College of Yeshiva University(NYC)
-Boston University (duh)
-Columbia University (NYC)
-Drexel University (Philly)
-George Washington University (DC)
-Georgetown University (DC)
-Indiana University (Indianapolis)
-Medical College of Wisconsin (Milwaukee)
-Mount Sinai School of Medicine (NYC)
-New York University (duh)
-Rosalind Franklin University (Chicago Suburbia)
-St. Louis University (yep...)
-SUNY Downstate Medical Center (NYC)
-Stony Brook University (NYC Suburbia)
-Tulane University (New Orleans)
-UMDNJ: Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (Piscataway)
-UMDNJ: New Jersey Medical School (Newark)
-UC San Francisco (San Fran!)
-UC Davis (Davis is near Sacramento)
-University of Maryland (Baltimore)
-Weill Medical College of Cornell University (NYC)

21 Schools - $760 Dollars in application fees...As of right now, I have officially applied to medical school.

I feel nauseous.
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July 29th, 2006

02:08 am - My thoughts tonight exactly...
"...and I wondered again if I might somehow break loose from him and felt both hatred and my own weakness more than ever."

-Anne Rice, Interview With The Vampire

I'm alright, just a bit absorbed in some questionable memories. You'll all be better off by ignoring the next few quote and lyric filled entries (assuming I actually post them).
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July 17th, 2006

06:59 pm - Ew.
Today, I witnessed my first rectal exam.

I am now cringing in anticipation of the day I update this thing to say, "Today, I did my first rectal exam."


That was when I realized what being a Doctor really means. People don't just see you as someone who did a lot of school and achieved a high degree, or even as someone who has the power to save lives...you are the COMPLETE STRANGER they trust enough to allow you to put a (gloved) finger up their ass after 2 minutes of introductory pleasantires.

You might laugh, but I feel that's a fairly serious statement.

Unless, of course, you're Steph and terrified of doctors/hospitals and punch out anyone in rage with a medical degree. :P
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July 13th, 2006

04:12 pm - A Gamma Knife is exactly what it sounds like...
Laura and I spent most of today in the Gamma Knife Suite and it was pretty awesome. Dr. Narayana (probably butchered that) is an extremely intelligent man, and I was happy just to have his instruction directed at me, even if I didn't understand some of what he was saying. All of the attendings in Radiation Oncology are impressive, actually. Dr. Formenti revolutionized the entire field of breast cancer treatment with research she did about something as simple as treating women on their stomachs instead of their backs. She left on my second day for vacation, so I haven't been able to actually work with her, but just watching how everyone else behaved around her that day was interesting. Every time she came through the nurses station everyone would freeze, and then as soon as she was gone, they would leap into action like children who had just been scolded. It was a lot like Miranda in The Devil Wears Prada, actually, except she was really sweet and not a bitch; it's just that they all revere her like an oncological goddess. Every day, the simplest acts of these people are enough to remind me that I am working, quite literally, with world class physicians here. It's amazing.

And since the Gamma Knife is sort of the lovechild between radiation oncology and neurosurgery, I ended up spending the day with the hottest neurosurgeon ever. He's our own little "Real World McDreamy." *swoon*


PS. I love my boyfriend because he is NOT a neurosurgeon. :)

PPS. Meeting a Real World McDreamy is still the funniest thing ever.
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July 6th, 2006

08:56 pm - Peristalsis
So I have officially been living in New York City for a week and a half-ish. For those of you who have no idea why, I am doing an internship at the NYU Medical Center for a month and will therefore be living here for another two weeks. (!) I am working in the Radiation Oncology department and, unfortunately, that means I am not so much "working" as I am observing, nodding, and saying "Oh" or "Mhmm" all day. The NYUMC is probably the biggest hospital I have ever been in; it's like a small city. In addition to the huge hospital, there are a billion sattellite facilities (such as the Clinical Cancer Center where I work) spread over the surrounding area. Bellevue Hospital and a rather immodest VA Hospital are right next door, which basically means I live in hospital-ville. It's pretty cool, actually. As you walk down the street in this area, it is not unusual to see people in scrubs, lab coats, etc. running all over the place. I know now that I will fit just fine into the medical world as it is not difficult for me to be frazzled or slighty-late to everything.

I wish that there was more for me and Laura, the other intern, to do in our department, but the field is so highly sub-specialized that there isn't even any paperwork or other busywork we could help the residents and attendings do. Also, the CCC is an outpatient clinic, so if it's a slow patient day, there isn't really even anything for us to see. It can get boring, but when there's actual stuff going on, and we are lucky enough to get hooked up with a resident or attending nice enough to explain things to us, it can be pretty awesome. I have learned more about cancer and radiation therapy in the last two weeks of "work" than I have in my entire life. I have also seen more breasts in the last two weeks than I have in my entire life (Tuesdays are boob days! And any day there is a female lung cancer patient is boob day as well! Hell, every day is boob day! Hooray(?)!). Haha. Oy.

One cool thing about being in my program is that we get to attend conferences, lectures, and "teaching sessions" with the Radiation Oncology residents. Those are probably the most interesting things I get to observe (almost) every day. The conferences are the best because they're interdepartmental and I get to watch attending physicians from different fields sit around a big table (a) admitting they don't know what to do with a certain case and asking for help/advice, and (b) arguing about what will work best for that case. I went to a lung cancer conference, breast cancer conference, brain cancer...there's one for everything. And tomorrow morning is the Tumor Board meeting where (I think) they're going to be discussing a whole bunch of different kinds of cases. Sweet.

In other news, as of July 1st, I have pushed myself into the full swing of August MCAT Prep Mode. Aka, I am reading (at least) four chapters from the kaplan book a day ($75), doing one full-length practice exam per weekend (download $80 from AMCAS website), and once I read through the whole kaplan book I will being working through books of practice questions I bought this afternoon ($too much), so that I will sufficiently improve my score the second time around (priceless). I don't wish to talk about the April exam. I did pretty well considering I didn't really study, but not well enough for my (and most schools') liking. Although, my essay section was pretty kickass. It's scaled J-T (no clue why), and I got an R which is pretty damn sweet. I also got a 10 (out of 15) on the Verbal section, which is pretty good. I am chosing not to discuss the scores of the other sections because, frankly, I'm done even thinking about them, but if you ask nicely enough I might tell you. So anyway...I'm serious this time. Right. Okay.

Matt is in India. Or he should be. He left two Sundays ago, but hasn't e-mailed yet to say he's arrived so I hope he's just having internet difficulties and not laying underneath burning ruble in the Alps or something.

I discovered this week that I don't stress eat - I stress food shop. No joke. I love to food shop. I love having a kitchen I can food shop for. Yes.

Next Thursday I am seeing Ani in Central Park with Steph. I can't even tell you how excited I am about that. And next Tuesday I get to volunteer as a fake patient for an emergency hospital evacuation simulation. After they put me in an ambulance and take me to another hospital, I will be returning to NYUMC for pizza and a free t-shirt. I suggested today to my program director that the t-shirts be spattered in fake blood and he thought that was a great idea. So...yes. Next week will surely rock.
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12:23 pm - I finally feel like a New Yorker...
...because I just got sexually harassed by a construction worker on my way home from work! Woohoo!

"Hey beautiful, can I call you?"
"Sorry, I don't have a phone!"
"Okay baby - let's be pen pals!"

Hehe. Gotta give him credit for thinking outside the box there...
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July 3rd, 2006

11:18 pm - Feckin' Awesome
So a few days ago, I was lamenting to a friend about how "there is nothing exciting happening on Broadway anymore." Well. I was secretly referring to musical theater specifically, but after tonight I have to rescind my statement and openly direct it only toward musical theater.

Tonight I saw The Lieutenant of Inishmore and I was stunned. It was the most daring, hilariously absurd piece of theater I have ever witnessed.

Without revealing too much, I will say that it is a dark (but not detached-dark, just morbid-dark) comedy. I will also reiterate that it is NOT a musical, which leaves no excuse for you musical theater haters. :p The main character is in a splinter-group, of a splinter-group, of the IRA. Someone gets shot in the head onstage. There are cats, lots of cats. OH! AND! Irish accents!

I don't even know. It was SO GOOD. Haha. Yeah.

The best part about living in New York is being able to randomly experience theater. Especially "feckin'" good theater.

Go see it - NOW. And invite me to go with you. Students can get tickets for $27.00. $27!!! That was how much I paid and I was in the FIFTH ROW of the orchestra.



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June 26th, 2006

08:12 pm - Oooh!
blank notebooks are love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

PS. I live in New York City...from now until July 21st, at least.

PPS. !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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June 2nd, 2006

01:29 pm - "Self deprecating humour doesn't fit anymore, so stop wearing it." - Emmet
Queer As Folk season 5 (the last one! *snif*) on DVD! I have officially raided Blockbuster and locked myself away to watch it all morning/afternoon today. I forgot how much I love this show. Eeeee!

PS. Summer classes are over (easiest 6 credits I've ever made...everyone should take the 3 week pre-session classes, they're the best deal around), so call me! I'm free! Well...as soon as I finish catching up on my QAF. Le sigh. :)
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April 28th, 2006

11:05 pm - Where I Have Been, Where I Am Going
So, for Spring Break I went to Paris to visit the one and only JenRuss. I got to know Josh a lot better on this trip, which I am grateful. I also got to know my relationship a lot better on this trip, for which I am even more grateful.
-Our hostel. Can't beat toilets in stairwells.
-Seeing "Winged Victory" in person in the Louvre.
-The Dali museum.
-Discovering that the drunker I get, the better my French sounds. ("You are le drunk." "No! C'est impossible!")
-The amazing ravioli thing at Cafe Daguerre.
-The eating habits of the French and pretty much all of the cafes in general.
-Successfully avoiding bird flu contamination
-Experiencing the beginning of the Parisian student protests.
-Being a tourist but still mastering the subway system like a pro.
-Being in Europe.
-Buying new boots.

After that, I had a week or so of a "normal" school/work/other stuff schedule. Then, I was forced into crazy-person hermit mode. I had either huge papers due or exams in EVERY one of my classes last week, and then had the MCATS on Saturday. Building up to this hell week, I managed to figure out Quark and put together a literary megazine (despite a number of problems which I don't care to go over in detail), celebrate PASSOVER 2K6 (!!!), and some other stuff I don't really remember but I am sure kept me busy. OH! One of those things was getting accepted to the MOST AWESOME INTERNSHIP EVER!

I will be spending a month (4 weeks!) living in NYU housing (I got a single room in a two-person apartment on 26th street and 2nd avenue) because I will be shadowing medical residents at the NYU Medical Center. The department they put me in is Radiation Oncology, and my days will be divided around shadowing, attending seminars, and volunteering in the hospital. In other words, it's going to be nerdtastic. :) I'm excited as hell just for the prospect of participating in Resident shadowing and whatnot, but this particular program is a huge deal. I mean, hell, it's NYU. This is big. BIG big. As in, foot in the door at NYU Med (pending decent MCAT scores...) BIG. Basically, I am shitting myself about it almost daily. I still can't believe I was accepted, and it probably won't feel real until it's over.

So now...I am just waiting. Waiting for finals to come (after last week, I literally have no more work do do for any classes other than study for my Orgo and Physics finals). Waiting three-to-six weeks to find out my MCAT scores (aka, whether or not I have a future at any one of the med-schools I actually like). Waiting to start and quickly finish my summer classes. Waiting until my sweet internship starts in June. Waiting for next semester and graduation in January.

Oh, and this is what I'm taking next semester:
-Black Writers in the U.S.
-Myth and Literature
-Biochemistry I (minus the lab)
-Gross Mammalian Anatomy (with lab!!!)
-Choir (finally fits in my schedule!)

16.5 Credits. Not too shabby.

How are all of you?
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